Finding Work

Some thoughts from my time looking for a new role across a few months and many, many interviews.

Exploring OSS - ChameleonForms

I had the chance to check out ChameleonForms for ASP.NET MVC form creation and it's a nice library.

XAML Paths, in Code

Generate path data for XAML Path objects in the code

The Importance of Your Story

I've had a few interactions in the recent past that have reinforced the need to know your story when creating software.

How Do I Load Balance - MassTransit Problems

Load balancing is a problem that comes up on the mailing list from time to time. Depending on which transport you use, you options for load balancing differ.

How Do I Find the Best Talent?

What's the "best" talent out there?

Playing Zombicide

We played the Kickstarted Zombicide

ReceiveFrom() Unique - MassTransit Problems

Problems getting messages to consumers with MassTransit?

Obsolete UseSubscriptionService() - MassTransit Problems

Have SubscriptionService warnings in MassTransit?

The Value of Code Reviews

What should you get out of code reviews?