If you’re like me, you work from a lovely home but sometimes it would be great to get out and talk to other people instead of your cat. I’m announcing the first meeting of the Homebound Developers Club, to take place on the first Wednesday of the month (April 1st) from 11:00 am until 1:00 or 2:00 pm at Polaris Fashion Place food court, Columbus, Ohio. Come hang out for a couple hours and get some lunch. We’ll collect in the northwest corner of the food court, as I assume that area will nearly empty. Pair with someone if you’re stuck on something! Talk to a real live person


Are you buying lunch?</td>
I'm not buying anyone's lunch. That's on your own.
Why the food court at Polaris?
Because it's reasonably central (sorry south siders), close enough for me, provides a variety of foods, and I believe the mall has free wifi.
Is this legit? Did you just make it up?
I did just make it up! But it's also legit. I will be there when I can, and I fully expect some others to show up on a regular basis. Enough homebound people live in the area, it shouldn't be hard to have a handful show up.
Wait a minute, this is on April Fools' Day. Are you sure you're not just tricking me?!
I'm not tricking you. Wednesdays seem like a day least likely to have a holiday or other distraction. The next first of the month Wednesday just happened to fall on April 1st. If you come expecting a lot of April foolery, I won't be helpful.
Do I have to be a developer?
No! You don't have to work in technology at all. I expect hanging around for a little while with people who all work in technology means most of the conversations will end up there. But working in technology isn't required. You're welcomed to come along and hang out as well. Besides, it's a public place. At worst all I could do is look at strongly if you just barged in.
Will this happen every month?
I will try to make it monthly myself. Sometimes I won't be able to, but I hope in those cases there will be a collection of other people who are around anyways.
Do I have to RSVP?
Nope! I wouldn't mind hearing from people if they have interest just so I have an idea of who and how many to expect. But that's just so I know to keep an eye out for you in case you need waved down.
Do I have to be working from home?
Nope. You're welcomed to come even if you work in a real office.

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