Per my skilling up post, this is a writing exercise.

Log: June 21st

It’s unclear where we are. The navigators assure me that this location is not on any of the star charts. They also assure me they are working tirelessly on figuring out where we are. In one week, we’ll be late to the planned drop off point of the prisoner. My crew knows this is unacceptable, yet there’s no budging on the current status of lost.

Log: June 22nd

We deployed the sails immediately after transversal per normal procedures, but the pressure on the sails is lower than expected. The chief suggests it’s just our location even though the star looks plenty bright enough. At our best guess, we’re travelling at 4 light-knots. But we don’t even know where we’re going. Without a change in that, we’re sure to miss the scheduled drop off.

Log: June 23rd

A lookout noticed star sails spinward. A close watch shows they are gaining on our position and will over take us in 14 to 16 hours without changes. I plan to deploy the sweeps for the 2 hours I’m told we can use them. If that doesn’t keep us in the clear from this pursuer, we will attempt another transversal. My navigators assume me nothing good could possibly come from that — we don’t know where we are now.

Log: June 25th

Retracting the sails using the sweeps did not extend the chase. The chasing ship just deployed more sail and caught up faster, as we could use the sweeps for a limited time. When it became clear we would not escape before finding, I ordered the magi to initiate a transversal. The magi refused even though the Knight-Captain of this ship ordered it. I recorded this incident in the ship’s log. Once the chasing ship opened fire and did damage to one of the deployed star sails, the magi believed my suggestion was a good one. The crew’s focus is repairing the sails. Once completed we can attempt to find our way to known stars again.

Inserted note

Ship found, all crew missing. Cargos match manifests and personal items appear still on board. No damage from boarding actions. Summitted into evidence July 3rd, 2871. Signed Jep Denam, Knight-Templar

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