Per my skilling up post, this is a writing exercise.

“Alex, come in, and have a seat. And welcome!”

“Umm… thank you Miss Young.”

“Please, call me Sara. I trust you enjoyed the tour of Send Labs?”

“Yes, I did. It was amazing to see all the work you do here… umm, Sara.”

“Brilliant! So you just graduated from university, I assume you’re interviewing elsewhere. Are you considering any offers right now?”

“I don’t have any other offers right now. I have been speaking to a few different companies, but nothing has panned out yet.”

“Well, that’s about to change. The lab director was very excited by the results of your interviews. We want to extend you an offer to work in the labs. We have a role helping us rewrite some code we’ve been using in the lab. All of the tests show you’re a perfect fit.”

“Wow, that’s great. What is this lab working on? What would I be doing? I really want to find a make people’s lives better.”

“You can make other’s lives better. But you start by changing your own, and we’ll help you there. The research here could always have an impact on the greater society if it pans out. As to what you’ll be doing? We have been working on encoding genetic material that once injected repurposes the cellular activities to… well, whatever we want and the biology of the cell supports. We think you can help us make some changes to the programming of this genetic material. This would allow us reach the next level of our testing. Some of the applications we’re considering have to do with space exploration. But that’s all I can say without a NDA on that topic.”

“That’s… so cool! Umm, so how does this work?”

“Well, first let’s confirm the offer. This offer is pegged at two and half times the living wage index with a 15% signing bonus. We believe this outstrips any other offer you might be receiving. If you’re happy with the salary and the benefits package we provided information on before - I have the paperwork right here for you sign. If you want some time to think about this, I completely understand. This packet includes the offer information, the contract, and the NDA. Once you sign the contract and NDA, I’ll take you down to meet the lab director. He’ll be ecstatic you’ve joined us.”

Some thought, a little browsing, scribbling a signature on the tablet. “Oh, I’m ready, I don’t see why I need to take time to think about this.”

“Brilliant,” taking the tablet, “follow me and we’ll meet the lab director, Jim. He’s on level -8.”

“So what more can you tell me about the experiments I’ll be working on?”

“I’ll let Jim speak to that in more detail. He’ll have the right answers, I may not. Ahh, we’ve arrived. Why don’t you take a seat and we can start once Jim arrives. He should be here any second.”

Alex sits in a high backed chair in the middle of the room. Rests in the chair a moment, then a door opens opposite where Alex & Sara entered the room. At the same time restrains whip out of the chair’s arms, back, and legs to wrap around Alex.

Alex in sounding scared, “What’s going on here?”

“Oh, excellent, everything is ready Sara?” asks a man as he enters the room through the now open doorway.

“Yes, please begin the next phase Jim.”

Speaking to the back of the room, “Inject virus #38 and begin observation of genetic rewrite.”

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